Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow

Even though your monitor is just a 2D media, various types of shadows provide the subjects realistic 3D view. Without the application of shadow effects after editing any image, it looks floating that may make the image file look like the fake. To avoid this problem, the graphic designers apply different types of shadow effects considering the shape and light position of the subjects. Besides this, shadows enhance the beauty of the images, buttons, banners, and all you can name. Anyway, creating shadow effects in Photoshop is pretty much easy to complex. Easy because you can use the default shadow settings in Photoshop. Complex because you have to know the nature of light, and a few scientific concepts to understand shadow drops. But, nothing is so rocketed science. It is a matter of practice, observing real life shadows, and deep thinking.

When you combine photos together, realistic cast shadows are the trick to making it look real. Shadow can make an image 100% natural look. When we remove the background, it looks not real. If we add a shadow on the image it looks like natural and attractive. Use shadow effects with care - Even the most perfectly staged images might not be suitable for shadow effects when the context in which they are used changes. Too much effect, even if it’s natural, can make an image look cheap and gaudy. Shadow create an image depth and 3D illusion.

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